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According to the World Health Organization, about 1.3 billion people live with some form of visual impairment. There are two main reasons: uncorrected refractive errors and lens opacification. Most people with visual impairment are older than 50 years. However, every year more and more young people complain of vision problems (ciliary spasm and myopia). The good news is that nearly 80% of all visual impairments in the world are considered preventable.

The Most Common Eye Problems Among People

In today’s world, we are forced to spend too much time on computers and gadgets. The eye muscles do not have time to rebuild and rest from the same repetitive work. If a person is continuously sitting and looking at the computer screen, the eye muscles begin to strain, which affects visual acuity. Therefore, working at a computer (or playing video games) is the very first cause of visual impairment in people under 50 years old. Another important factor is heredity. Myopia, farsightedness, or astigmatism are most often transmitted from parents to children.

There are three main groups of visual impairment:

  1. born (pathologies arise due to improper intrauterine development);
  2. hereditary (diseases are transmitted from parents to children or through a generation and are caused by genetic nature);
  3. acquired (visual impairment occurs during life as a result of injuries, diseases, and exposure to adverse external (environmental) factors).

eye fatigue relief The most common ophthalmic problems are:

  • myopia;
  • hyperopia;
  • amblyopia;
  • astigmatism.

These diseases can be caused by either one or a combination of several reasons at the same time. So, how to deal with them and take care of eyesight better? OptiMaskPro is your modern solution!

Accommodative Spasm Treatment With OptiMaskPro

Did it happen to you that after a working day your eyes feel tired, there is a veil in front of your eyes and there is a deterioration in the focus of objects in the distance, but after rest and relaxation do these signs go away? This is the spasm of accommodation or false myopia.

Accommodative spasm is a contraction of the eye muscles when the eyes do not separate objects clearly far or close. Accommodation of the gaze is one of the most important functions of the organs of vision. This process is carried out by a special elastic lens – the crystalline lens and the ciliary (ciliary) muscle that controls it. If necessary, examine the object in the distance: the ciliary muscle relaxes and the lens becomes flatter, and when examining the object close, the ciliary muscle tenses and makes the lens more convex. In case of accommodation spasm, the correct functioning of the ciliary muscle occurs, its periodic tension is noted, therefore, there is no regulation of the lens curvature.

OptiMaskPro relaxes and trains the muscles of the eyes and eyelids, thus saving you from the spasm of accommodation. Regular use of this device will help you fight eye fatigue during the work day. We also recommend using various exercises for the eyes to improve the therapeutic effect.

OptiMaskPro: What Is It and How It Works?

buy optimaskproOptiMask Pro is an invention of American scientists. The mask’s primary function is aimed at improving vision and the eye muscles relaxing. It has the shape of glasses, and is worn over the head, fixed with simple and convenient latches.The innovative design gives the mask a futuristic look and extraordinary efficiency. The magnetic device acts using a magnetic field and mechanical contact with the skin through specific plates. OptiMaskPro is equipped with unique massage “fingers” made of silicone. They are very soft and elastic, which eliminates any mechanical damage to the skin. The top of each massage “finger” has a tiny magnet that stimulates a certain point on the skin around the eyes. As a result, this process normalizes blood circulation and raises muscle tonus.

Cosmetic device affects the fundus, temporomandibular region, and also delicately massage the skin around the eyes. You will feel beneficial effects on the visual system already after the first use: relieving eye fatigue during prolonged work at the computer, getting rid of “goose bumps” and glare in front of the eyes, and in some cases even improving vision. Beauticians note the skin tone improvement in the area around the eyes, and neurologists note a better sleep quality (after 2-3 days of using a magnetic massager).

OptiMaskPro Does It Work?

When you turn on, the device starts to vibrate and provide a delicate point pressure. The American manufacturer claims that OptiMask Pro is 100% safe for health. However, during its work, some patients feel a slight tingling sensation, which is normal. The instruction indicates that the regular use of an acupuncture massager with weak myopia or hyperopia contributes to a partial vision improvement.

The manufacturer cannot give a 100% guarantee of the effectiveness of the device since it all depends on the individual characteristics of the human visual system. However, with regular use, your skin will become firmer and tighter, and you will get rid of wrinkles and bruises around the eyes.

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Who Should Use OptiMaskPro?

The more people spend time at the computer, the more their eyes get tired. If your work, study, or leisure time is closely related to gadgets, you should buy and use Magnetic Acupuncture Eye Massager every day. You can find the OptiMaskPro price in the Philippines by visiting the manufacturer’s official website.

Symptoms of digital eye fatigue increase from the combination of several factors: the proximity of the screen, the frequency and duration of use, the blue light exposure degree. The most prevalent symptoms of digital eyes fatigue:

  • Back / neck pain;
  • Eye fatigue;
  • Headache;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Dry eyes.

You should use the OptiMaskPro device if you are exposed to factors that cause visual impairment. These factors include:

  1. optimaskpro eye massagerHeavy physical exertion;
  2. Mental strain;
  3. Prolonged and excessive visual work (reading, writing, etc.);
  4. Bad habits (smoking and alcoholism);
  5. Frequent stresses;
  6. Improper and unbalanced nutrition;
  7. Violation of visual hygiene (poor lighting, visual stimuli, reading and working in the wrong position);
  8. Exposure to bright light and ultraviolet light;
  9. Cerebrovascular accident;
  10. Age-related changes.

Due to the above-provoking factors, the patients often complain about violations of the eye’s properties. Read the list and determine what visual impairment you already have (you can do it at home). If you find at least one symptom described in the list below, you should start to use OptiMask Pro daily.

  • inability of the eye to focus a clear image;
  • redness of the eye;
  • regular bruises and / or dark circles around the eyes;
  • increased eye fatigue;
  • orbital pain.

What is the Best Electric Eye Massager?

Despite the simplicity and safety of the eyes massager, in some cases, the use of this device can harm human health. These factors include various pathologies of the visual system:

  1. Cataracts and glaucoma;
  2. Artificial lens;
  3. Rupture or detachment of the retina;
  4. Various inflammations or skin damage around the eyes. In addition, you should not use the massager if you suffer from low or high blood pressure, malignant tumors, as well as high body temperature.

Contraindicated in children under 18 years of age. In all other cases, OptiMaskPro is 100% for the human body and health.

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OptiMaskPro Advantages

  • Relieves eye fatigue;
  • Eliminates dark circles and swelling under the eyes;
  • Improves blood circulation in the area around the eyes;
  • Slows down age-related changes;
  • Prevents wrinkles around the eyes;
  • Improves the quality of sleep;
  • Has no side effects;
  • OptiMaskPro price is affordable.

How to Use OptiMask Pro Device?

eye massager

  1. Turn on the eye massager by inserting two batteries into it (use 2AA batteries).
  2. Take a comfortable sitting or lying position.
  3. Remove ordinary glasses or contact lenses (if you use them).
  4. Put on your massage glasses. Lock them on your head with an adjustable buckle.
  5. Turn on the device by pressing the “ON” button and select the desired type of massage “MODE” (OptiMask Pro has 9 different massaging modes).
  6. The duration of the session can vary from 5 to 15 minutes. Three sessions a day is enough.
  7. At the end of the procedure, turn off the eye’s massager using the “OFF” button and remove it.
  8. Sit relaxing for about 10-15 minutes, and then you can return to everyday activities.

OptimMaskPro has no time limits! What does it mean? It means that you can use this eye massager every day for several years without harm to health. Still, many modern medicines or devices cannot be taken for a long time, as they can be harmful and have several side effects. But OptiMaskPro is a revolutionary invention that is 100% safe and high effective.

Ophthalmologist opinions

ophtalmologist philippinesDr. Heitengs, Ophthalmologist, 38 years old

“Eyes are our main connector with the external world. Not everyone thinks about how lucky he or she is to have the ability to “see.” But in fact, it is a real gift of nature that we must value!
Personally, I am grateful to my colleagues for creating such a beautiful, useful, and most importantly, safe eye device. I use OptiMaskPro two times a day, during the break at work and in the evening, before having dinner with my family. More than that, I recommend this eye massager to each of my clients.”

filipino doctorDr. Khan, Ophthalmologist, 52 years old

“As a doctor with 30 years of working experience, I was somewhat skeptical about this device. However, more and more of my patients sent very positive OptiMaskPro reviews. At the hospital, we decided to study this eye massager and were pleasantly surprised. Its shape and structure are entirely safe for the skin and organs, and the effect is better than from therapy. I’m starting to worry that soon we will be left without work (just kidding). But seriously, OptiMask Pro is a beautiful device for people who often work at a computer or read a lot. I always give my professional recommendations and even bought the same for my wife.”

Where to Buy OptiMask Pro?

The original of this device is available only on the official website of the manufacturer. Do not take risks and buy unverified products from distributors. Usually, they sell fake products at lower prices to attract customers.
The manufacturer provides free and speedy delivery (within 2-3 days). Moreover, the official website offers guarantees and supports all customers. Check the relevant price of OptiMaskPro and actual discounts. Maybe only today you can order an eye massager for half the amount!