Hammer of Thor Review – Real Enhancer or Marketing Hoax?

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Sex is an essential part of a relationship, and as a man, you’re probably constantly worrying about your sexual performance. Satisfying the woman you love – or any other woman, as a matter of fact – is crucial.

But what can you do when your erection is not exactly the strongest? Or when you find it hard to maintain the performance? Or perhaps you’re not fully happy with the size of your penis. Whatever the issue, anything that doesn’t work as it’s supposed to can be the cause of serious matters.

Self-doubts or difficulties in satisfying your partner could result in severe mental health issues. With erectile dysfunction affecting about 25% of men under 40 and even a greater number of older men, you might want to know how to increase your performance.

Scientists have developed many formulas, but an all-natural dietary supplement you can use for your male enhancement purposes is Hammer of Thor.

Advertised as sexual prowess and penis enlargement supplement, Hammer of Thor could be the answer to your needs. Read on to find what it is, whether it is a scam, and how to use it to achieve maximum benefits.

What Is Hammer of Thor

hammer of thor boosterHammer of Thor is a 100% natural male enhancer developed to boost sex drive, stop premature ejaculation, enhance your erection, as well as your stamina and endurance. Through its mechanisms, it can enhance your sexual desire and give you more intense orgasms.

The Hammer of Thor original formula includes only plants known for their aphrodisiac effects, and you can find the product either in capsules or drops.

Hammer of Thor capsules is available either in the original blue pills formula or as Hammer of Thor Forex, which is a more concentrated formula developed to enhance potency faster.

Hammer of Thor blue drops is the liquid version of the original Hammer of Thor pills and works pretty much in the same way. Similar to the Hammer of Thor Forex original, the blue drops is a concentrated formula, and all you need is up to five drops a day to enjoy all product benefits.

How Does Hammer of Thor Work?

Hammer of Thor is a dietary supplement dedicated to all men who want to enhance their sexual performance. The active ingredients in the tablets or drops promote blood flow in your crotch and penis area. Enhanced oxygenation of the tissue is key to long-lasting endurance and to a durable erection. By helping you last longer, this natural medicine can also help you achieve stronger orgasms and improve your overall sex life.

How to Use Hammer of Thor?

how to take hammer of thor

  1. Hold the skin on the base of your penis and apply a few drops of oil on the head of the organ.
  2. Gently massage the oil into the skin with delicate yet firm movements. Rub the penis from left to right, applying a little pressure with your fingers, then perform some endurance exercises by intermittently stimulating your penis.
  3. Repeat every day until you achieve the desired endurance.

Considering the potential benefits of this male enhancement drug, perhaps you’re now wondering how to use Hammer of Thor.

In reality, it depends on what type of formula you decide to buy.

If you’re wondering how to take Hammer of Thor capsules, know that the pills are the easiest to use; all you have to do is take a pill each day or before engaging in sexual activity. The natural ingredients that drive more blood to your crotch and penis area will determine your penis to slightly swell, making it feel longer and thicker.

At the same time, your erection will last longer, and you’ll experience a stronger climax.

Hammer of Thor drops have the same effect, but if you decide to go this route, you should take up to five drops a day for at least a few weeks before noticing the effects. It is not recommended to increase the dosage without consulting your doctor first.

The supplement is also available as external use oil made from the same herbal ingredients. This product should be applied directly to your penis.

Hammer of Thor Ingredients

  • Isabgol: One of the most powerful health enhancers in India, Isabgol, is an all-round remedy that can lower your cholesterol levels, help fight digestive issues, helps in weight loss, and also acts as aphrodisiac. It is also believed that isabgol can improve semen quality.
  • Gokharu: Also known as Tribulus Terrestris, is a plant used in Ayurvedic medicine as a kidney and bladder booster. Science-based evidence also suggests that gokharu can enhance libido levels as well as improve erection and sexual satisfaction.
  • Ginger: Is often used as a herb or spice in many cuisines and is also used as a homemade remedy to boost libido. This plant is used as circulatory stimulant to help men boost their sex drive, and it can also help manage erectile dysfunction.
  • White onions: Are used in most Indian dishes to enhance flavours, but they are also an amazing aphrodisiac. According to numerous studies, onions can enhance stamina, improve sperm count, elevate testosterone levels, and enhance blood flow in your intimate area.
  • Jamun seeds: Jamun, or black plum, is a healthy Indian summer fruit known for its numerous health benefits. Among these, Jamun seeds are also used to treat erectile dysfunctions including loss of libido, to improve stamina and boost the overall sexual performance.

When it comes to choosing dietary supplements or products to apply to your penis, you should pay extra attention to the ingredients the product is made from. After all, you’ll be using it on your most intimate parts.You’ll be pleased to know, therefore, that Hammer of Thor is a fully natural product made from the following herbs.

Besides these extracts, the product also contains extracts of other plants known for their aphrodisiac action.

Hammer of Thor Benefits

improve sexual intercourseHammer of Thor is a dietary supplement, so you might wonder what are its real benefits and whether it has any side effects.

Starting off with the benefits, the original formula is proven to work, as showed by many online testimonials. User feedback is generally positive, with people admitting that the product has helped them improve sexual performance and boost their libido.

What are Side Effects of Hammer of Thor?

Unlike other performance enhancer drugs that are full of chemicals, the Hammer of Thor side effects are practically null. Only be careful to read the label and make sure you’re not allergic to any of the listed ingredients.

Hammer of Thor Results

  • Thanks to the rich content of aphrodisiac and testosterone booster extracts, Hammer of Thor has impressive effects on your overall sexual function.
  • Whether you decide to take the pills, drops, or use the oil, you can expect your penis to become larger due to the improved blood flow in the area. This will help you last longer and subsequently improve the quality of your sex.
  • Besides enhanced performance in bed, the plant extracts in the product can also enhance the quality of your sperm by boosting your testosterone levels. As such, the product is ideal for men looking to become fathers.
  • Furthermore, Hammer of Thor will also help you achieve stronger, more satisfying orgasms.


How Do You Identify The Original Hammer of Thor

Hammer of Thor original
While Hammer of Thor is a natural product, there are a few things to weigh in before buying. First of all, you should conduct a thorough analysis of the subtle differences between the Hammer of Thor original vs. fake formulas.

Indeed, this Hammer of Thor review is only accurate if you buy the original product and not a fake one, which may not be natural and that might be ineffective or even harmful for your health.

Where to Buy Hammer of Thor?

For this reason, we recommend ordering the product from the official website or reputable resellers only.

Your privacy is another thing to account for before you buy Hammer of Thor. Usually, the company uses private shipping boxes that hide the contents, so you won’t have to worry about your neighbours or family members knowing what you ordered.

Last but not least, you must consider any allergies or food intolerances before buying the product. Keep in mind that allergens might trigger strong reactions, so read the label before buying. If you’re unsure about the use or ingredients of the product, contact the manufacturer and ask for clarifications before using it.

With this in mind, know that Hammer of Thor is a safe product that works wonders for its intended purpose, and that rarely triggers any allergic reactions.

Is Hammer of Thor Effective?

Erectile dysfunction can affect men of all ages, and while there are dozens of products that promise to help you fight it, an all-natural alternative is always the best solution. We hope this Hammer of Thor supplement review has helped you decide whether this is the right product for you.

If you’re now convinced to buy the enhancer and give it a try, remember to always order from a reputable source that can guarantee the best price and the authenticity of the product.

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