ActiPotens Review: How to Increase Male Libido?

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What is ActiPotens?

ActiPotens is a new certified drug that aims to increase libido and stimulate men’s erection. Its effects are aimed at eliminating the causes of impotence and provide a man with a full sexual life. Having passed all the official examinations, this drug is available for sale on the international market in many countries of the world. These capsules are 100% better than Viagra and Grandma’s tea tinctures, which can cause severe side effects.

ActiPotens is a unique product that solves several problems at once. Firstly, this is an entirely natural preparation that does not contain hazardous synthetic elements. Secondly, all organic ingredients do not have any side effects and are 100% safe.

Historically, male sexual activity was considered the key to procreation and the well-being of the whole family. Ancestors believed that if the head of the family had problems with potency, this would adversely affect his ability to maintain the household. Some of them were even sure that the fertility of landholdings or/and livestock can depend on male vigor.

For modern people, such statements may seem pointless and silly. However, it is too early to draw such conclusions. In fact, such judgments are quite logical and relevant to our days, because when a man has problems with potency, he gets depression. He has no more strength and desire to perform everyday responsibilities and solve professional matters. Unfortunately, most of the impotent men become powerless.

Why do men suffer from weak erections? Is there a way out in such a situation? How to improve the health of men and increase potency? How to forget about these problems and start living a full life? ActiPotens capsules will return consistent erections to a man and will make sex life exciting again. Read on to learn all the details!

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Doctors divide the causes of erectile dysfunction into three groups:
1. Physiological (associated with a physical impediment to the natural occurrence and maintenance of an erection);
2. Psychogenic (in which a person has no physiological disturbances, and problems in sex are explained by stress, chronic fatigue or psychological trauma);
3. Mixed (when both of these factors contribute to the development of the disease).

The physiological ones include:

causes of erectile dysfunctionDiabetes. Nerves and blood vessels in the body are damaged, which interferes with the normal functioning of the penis.
Circulatory disorders. They appear due to compaction of the aorta, hypertension, heart disease, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs.
Nervous system diseases. Signal transmission from the brain and vertebral nerves is slowed down, so the mechanisms of erection and ejaculation get violated.
Hormonal disorders. If testosterone is low, sex desire gets blocked.
Excessive Exercise. Bodybuilding and other exhausting constant loads – limit the reproductive capabilities of men.
Unhealthy diet. White bread, pasta, cereals, potatoes as well as sausages harm potency.

Psychological reasons cover:

The poor psychological closeness between partners. It includes the fading of feelings and self-obsession.
Sexual boredom. Sex in one position, on one couch, uniformity of sexual roles and affection. If a man does not receive new impressions and emotions from physical intimacy, it becomes more difficult for him to maintain a sexual desire for his partner.
Unreacted stress. Overwork, pressure from building a career, financial troubles, family odds, and many others. Stress is one of the most common causes of weak erections.

How does ActiPotens work?

How does ActiPotens workOver the centuries, various stimulants have been used to extend sexual stamina. Most of such preparations consisted only of herbal ingredients and had hallucinogenic, psychostimulating, and other side effects. For example, for ActiPotens Philippines many years in eastern medicine, a seahorse was used to treat sexual dysfunction for both men and women. It is a natural and highly effective component, but unsafe as it has several dangerous side effects.

With the development of medicine, pharmacists and sexologists began to develop synthetic drugs to activate men’s sexual desire. Thus, was born the world-famous Viagra. But despite the high popularity, this drug has not solved the male problem.

Due to the heavy synthetic composition, Viagra causes unpleasant side effects:
• noise in ears;
• headache;
• respiratory failure;
• uneven heartbeat;
• facial redness;
• visual impairment;
• night snoring.

Moreover, prolonged use of Viagra is fraught with the deterioration of the fertilized potential of the ejaculate. In other words, if you have potency problems, never buy Viagra!

The main goal of the manufacturer was to create the most effective medication for potency, which will also be harmless for men of any age. And they did it! ActiPotens increases erection, sexual desire, and even works as prostatitis prevention. However, unlike Viagra and untested traditional medicine, ActiPotens capsules are not addictive and do not cause severe complications.

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Who Should Use ActiPotens?

• Men with erectile dysfunction.
• Men after 40 years who are not satisfied with their sexual activity.
• Men who do not have an erection, or have but a weak one.
• Men after 30 with a low testosterone level.
• Diagnosed with impotence.
• Those who want to have longer and more exciting sexual intercourse.
• Men who do not experience sexual attraction at all.
• Diagnosed with prostatitis.
• Early or late ejaculation.
• Young men who wish to be more active in bed.

ActiPotens capsules should apply all men, who suffer from any type of erectile dysfunction. As a rule, half of the men over 40 sooner or later face erectile dysfunction. However, according to medical statistics, impotence is getting younger every year. Unfortunately, more and more middle-aged and even young men start to visit a urologist or sexologist daily. Experts explain the situation by changing the lifestyle of citizens:

• physical activity reduction;
• unbalanced nutrition;
• environmental situation;
• the growing role of social networks in communicating with sexual partners;
• lack of physical interaction in the first stages of dating.

Unsuccessful episodes with intimacy at least once in a lifetime happen with any men. Therefore, if you have such a situation only once, do not rush to take ActiPotens capsules. Start a course of treatment if you are sure that you have problems with an erection that has repeated at least 4-5 times.

ActiPotens Contraindications

• Men who have no problems with erection or impotence.
• Teenagers under 18 years old.
• Representatives of the stronger sex who did not have a sexual experience at all.
• Those who are allergic to one of the ActiPotens components.
• Men who do not want to change the situation and have an active sex life.

ActiPotens effects

ActiPotens Effects

Above, you saw a long list of erectile dysfunction cases, but how to solve this problem? On the Internet, you will find a thousand tips that can help or can be entirely useless and even dangerous. That is why you should not risk your male power! We have collected the most effective and proven ways to improve a man’s erection and make your sexual intercourse bright and long.

ActiPotens Philippines. It is the only medication that can solve all problems with potency without any side effects. The 100% natural composition and active ingredients can make a miracle! Taking ActiPotens dosage regularly and according to instructions, you will forget what the erectile dysfunction is!
With ActiPotens capsules, you will make yourself and your sexual partner satisfied by giving her unforgettable feelings and emotions. You can have sex all night as if you are 18 years old again! When testosterone level rises, you will become way happier and more energetic.

Foods that boost your sex life. In addition to ActiPotens capsules, you can eat some products which will stimulate your male power. Here is a list:

• Walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, as well as sesame seeds, contain many useful substances.
• Seafood is fortified with zinc, which stimulates the production of testosterone. Oysters contain dopamine, a hormone that boosts libido.
• Bananas contain the enzyme bromelain, which increases libido, and potassium raises energy, stamina, and endurance.
• Eggs contain vitamins B5 and B6, which help in the production of male hormones and also help the body fight stress.
• Porridge, whole grain products, and rye bread contain fiber, various minerals, and androsterone, which help to increase libido.
• Soybeans contain isoflavonoids, which reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and help lower cholesterol.

Reduce stress. Stress is one of the main enemies of an erection. It leads to heart rhythm disturbances, raises blood pressure, worsens mood. This psychophysiological cocktail causes severe harm to sexual desire and reduces male performance.
How to reduce stress? Spend more time with your partner, take a rest, do sports. ActiPotens also relieves stress and improves mood, so try to take capsules regularly.

Get rid of bad habits. Beyond healthy eating and ActiPotens, you should make positive lifestyle changes. If you want to have a healthy and active sex life up to 70-80 years, you should quit smoking and take alcohol. It does not mean that you cannot take alcohol at all, but you must reduce its dosage to acceptable standards.

actipotens ingredients

ActiPotens Ingredients

• Tomato Extract (Lycopene). Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. The main useful properties of the substance are the prevention of cancer (neoplasms of the prostate, stomach, and lungs), cardiovascular diseases.
• Raspberry Extract. Raspberry contains the essential salicylic acid, which has a pronounced antipyretic effect. Also, raspberries have a lot of vitamins: C, B1, B12, A, E, nicotinic acid (PP).
• Galangal Extract. Galangal is a seasoning rich in minerals and vitamins, useful for digestion, normalizing blood pressure, relieving heartburn, and improving complexion. It increases the level of satisfaction between partners and struggles with prostate diseases.
• Euryale Ferox Extract. It helps to increase sexual desire and boosts male potency. The active elements of this plant produce endorphins, improve mood.

ActiPotens Philippines consist of organic libido-boosting components, which have a beneficial effect on male power. The composition includes more than 10 active ingredients with unique properties.

How to Use ActiPotens?

  1. Take one capsule twice daily with a glass of water or juice.
  2. Do it 30-40 minutes after eating. Drink plenty of fluids, water, juices, and/or tea.
    In case you have not bought the drug yet, you can visit the ActiPotens official website.

How fast will you get the desired effect?

You will feel a general improvement after the first week of regular ActiPotens talking. Problems with an erection will disappear in 2-3 weeks. This drug does not work like Viagra, just temporarily “creating an erection.” ActiPotens can treat all your sexual disorders with a prolonging effect, but it requires regular appliance and a little time.

ActiPotens Advantages


• No ActiPotens side effects
• Solves all your sexual problems
• Allows you to be sturdy and active during sex
• Makes your sex life vibrant and exciting
• Have a lots of positive ActiPotens comments among the Internet
• Can be bought without a prescription
• Prostatitis and cancer prevention
• Improves mood, relieves stress and fatigue
• Has 100% organic composition
• Has a prolonging effect
• Helps to deal with impotence depression


• Available only on the official website (impossible to buy at the pharmacy)
• Has more than average ActiPotens price
• Must be taken twice daily
• Helps only with regular use

Where To Buy ActiPotens in the Philippines?

Where To Buy ActiPotens in the PhilippinesDo not know where to buy ActiPotens? Visit the official website of the manufacturer and make an online purchase. You can buy ActiPotens for sale if you order more than one box. Do not purchase preparation on other sites, because it is unsafe! With a probability of 99.9%, you will get a fake product.
The official website has an excellent interface and a very convenient payment system. You will receive delivery already within a few days after being confirmed!

In case you still doubt, you should google to find out many positive ActiPotens reviews. All the men are happy that they can finally lead a full sexual life. Watch your man’s health, and do not forget to satisfied your partner!