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Female busts are rightfully considered the sexiest part of the body. But unfortunately, nature has not rewarded everyone with large breasts, and often girls with less magnificent forms start to worry about this fact. Someone just suffers, when another woman may even fall into a real depression.

In modern society, there is a rule that breasts of the 3rd size and above are considered genuinely feminine. But what about those who have smaller parameters? The solution is already here, and it is Bustural cream! 

What is Bustural used for?

  • You cannot wear a strapless dress because it will always try to fall;
  • It’s hard to find a beautiful and comfortable bra;
  • If you have a good meal in a restaurant, then your stomach may bulge more than your chest;
  • When you lie on your back, your breasts simply disappear;
  • You hardly find a swimsuit that sits well up and down;
  • In order to visually enlarge the breast with makeup, you will need a lot of makeup;
  • Some men boast larger breast sizes than you;
  • Many men do not take you seriously;
  • You do not feel confident in yourself;
  • You are afraid to have plastic surgery because it is not safe.

If at least one point from this list is about you, then, without any doubts, you should order the new and effective Bustural cream. It will rid your life of all the problems that are listed above and from any other matters associated with small breasts. Give it a try, and see the result already within some weeks.

What affects the shape of the breast?

The magnificent breast of a lovely form is one of the main advantages of a woman. Those whom nature has generously rewarded, must maintain and take good care of the breast’s beauty. Women, dissatisfied with their size, have questions: what determines the size of the breast? How can I increase the breast size without going to plastic surgeons? Some girls believe that breasts can be “built-up” with a special diet. Many men believe that the shape and size of the breasts can affect the sexual activity and temperament of a woman.

The size of the mammary gland depends on genetic factors. In other words, if the mother had small breasts, then the daughter on 99,5% will not have magnificent forms.

Also, there is no direct correlation between a woman’s sexual activity and her breast size – this is a myth. As well as the fact that if you eat cabbage and drink a decoction of hop cones, your chest will grow big. Scientists have proved that there is no diet, which can stimulate the breast’s growth of an adult woman. 

In the mammary gland, there is adipose tissue, and with a general increase in weight, the breast increases, but with weight loss, it decreases first. Therefore, all sorts of diets adversely affect the size and shape of the breast. A lush bust sag, a small breast becomes even smaller.

bustural effects

Bustural Alternatives

  1. Start exercises. Training is essential for your chest. And the right set of activities will help the pectoral ligaments to tighten. In general, the bust may increase by 3-5 cm. Of the total minimum, the most effective are push-ups and presses with dumbbells, swimming with brass, rowing. But if you cannot do any physical activity due to health issues, it is better to refrain.
  2. Do a massage. Let your daily breast massage become a healthy and enjoyable habit for you. It can be performed in the shower, massaging the chest with a stream of warm water. You can also go for a massage at the salon, but this is an extra waste of money.
  3. To gain weight. It applies to thin women who can gain 5-6 kg and thereby increase their breasts by 1-2 sizes. Milk and dairy products, seafood, chicken are valuable sources of protein. Use monounsaturated fat products such as flaxseed, sesame, avocado, olives, fat fish. These fats are not deposited at the waist but serve as a source of the most valuable omega-3, 6, and 12 fatty acids necessary for female beauty.
  4. Bustural upsize cream. The easiest way to enlarge breasts at home is to use beauty products. Bustural cream promises hydration, nutrition, and firmness for your breasts. This “push-up” product is hormone-free and, therefore, safe for health. After 2-3 weeks of applying this cream, you will notice that your chest became bigger and holds its shape much better than ever.

What is Bustural?

what is busturalBustural is a cream for breast enlargement, which includes only natural products. It does not contain any synthetic elements or hormones, no chemical preservatives or additives. But still, the final result just amazes all the patients ever tried it.

Bustural is a unique author’s formula that has become popular among women around the world. Pharmacists and cosmetologists worked on the composition of this cream for several years and finally can reap the benefits of their invention. All women want this product, and already thousands of them have written positive Bustural cream reviews on the Internet.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee that depending on your health condition, your breasts can increase from 8 to 15%. It can make any woman happy who wants to have a bigger and fitter shape. This cream is an excellent alternative to surgery. It is cheaper and has no side effects!  

Bustural Effect

Among the whole life, your breast already has increased and decreased several times. For example, if you were pregnant, you had experience when the mammary gland was 1-2 sizes larger than usual. In most cases, the increased production of estrogen is responsible for breast growth. The Bustural cream components work almost the same way, but the composition does not contain estrogen hormones (or any other). However, natural ingredients have the same effect on the female body, which leads to bigger forms. Thus, with regular use, your breasts are guaranteed to increase by at least 8%. It means that your shape will become at least one 1 larger.

The most crucial advantage of Bustural cream over other preparation is the prolonging effect. Any other cream or spray will keep the result only during continuous use. But Brustural will leave a breast shape even after the end of therapy. 

After reaching the desired result, you can finally improve your self-esteem and fall in love with your body by 100%. Every woman should love herself and take care of herself to be loved by others. You will start to wear more sensual outfits with a wide neckline.

This revolutionary product will make you more self-confident. The cream will also make your skin softer, firmer, and more elastic. Your shape of the breast will become more magnificent and rounded. Finally, you will stop worrying about your appearance and begin to enjoy life. 

Bustural Ingredients

  • Citrus Dulcis. It fights infections and also helps to improve metabolic processes at the cellular level. Has antioxidant, sedative, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to restore sagging and dull skin. Also useful in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks. Promotes collagen production and strengthens connective tissue. It nourishes the skin, makes it supple and elastic, promotes cell rejuvenation.
  • Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil. This oil is a stimulant of the natural synthesis of collagen, which is necessary for skin firmness and elasticity. It softens the skin due to its high content of linoleic acid. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties and promotes the narrowing of pores. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, contributes to the rapid absorption of all Bustural components in the tissue.
  •  Vitis Vinifera. Promotes skin regeneration, restoration, and rejuvenation of damaged cells and tissues. This oil also prevents swelling of blood vessels and hemorrhages.
  • Grapefruit Oil. Nourishes and strengthens the skin, tightens it, makes the breast more elastic. Promotes breast growth. All soothing properties are inherent in grapefruit oil – anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, spasmolytic, and antidepressant. It makes the skin fresher and shinier, fills the cells with all the necessary trace elements.

How to use Bustural Cream?

  1. Cleanse the skin where you apply the cream. It is ideal to use Bustural after showering or taking a bath.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of the cream onto your hand and warm it up a little.
  3. Apply the cream to your breasts with light massage movements, avoiding the nipple area. Do not rub or press on the skin.
  4. Wait 3-5 minutes for complete absorption before putting on clothes.

Intuition says that you should apply the cream twice a day. The first time in the morning, after waking up, and the second time before going to bed. There is nothing complicated. The main thing is to make sure that your skin is clean and slightly moist. Wipe your breasts with a damp cloth to remove the sweat after sleeping, and only then start rubbing the cream.

Bustural Cream results

  • Improving the condition of the breast skin;
  • Increase in breast size within physiological limits;
  • Breast shape gets better;
  • Increased elasticity of the skin and soft tissues.

The first results will be visible in two weeks of regular use. However, do not be upset if you do not notice any effect. Each organism is unique, and maybe yours needs a little more time. To consolidate the achieved result and improve it, you should complete the course to the end. The duration of the treatment course should be at least one month.If desired, you can extend the session or back to Bustural cream again after a short break.

If there any Bustural cream side effects or contraindications? Among all the patients who took part in the product examination and other women who left comments and reviews online, there were no complaints about side effects. Thus, we can say that this natural product is 100% safe.

Bustural cream can be used by all women who have reached 18 years. Why is there a contraindication if the composition is 100% organic? Because the growing orgasmic can independently cope with this problem, and the young girl will not have to use the cream at all. Female breasts can grow to 25 years, depending on the characteristics of the body and hormones. Therefore, a young girl should not resort to help at a too young age.

bustural cream results

Bustural Pros and Cons


  • The composition includes exclusively natural ingredients without synthetic additives and frequent allergens.
  • More than 95% of customers confirm the effectiveness of the cream.
  • Bustural cream has no side effects and contraindications.
  • Guaranteed breast augmentation by at least 8%.
  • Suitable for adult women of all ages.
  • It can enlarge breasts by more than two sizes.
  • Noticeable results are already visible in the 2nd week of regular use.
  • This cream has a beneficial effect on skin condition. Makes it resilient and supports rejuvenation.
  • Bustural cream price more than affordable and even cheap in comparison with other similar drugs.


  • Unable to buy at a pharmacy or beauty salon.
  • Bustural cream Philippines contraindicated for girls under 18 years old.
  • Bustural cream is contraindicated for women with allergies to citrus fruits: oranges, lemons, grapefruit.
  • It may show the first results a little later than after 2 weeks.

Bustural Testimonials

Helen, 29 years old

“How to increase breast size without surgery? EASY! After 1.5 years of breastfeeding, the girlish beauty of the bust disappeared. Stretch marks appeared, and the original youthful form was lost. I think many girls are familiar with this problem. 

I began to study this problem and found a lot of foreign preparations, but stopped on Bustural. I used this cream for 2 months. And OMG, it really works!!” 

Jessica, 36 years old

“Bustural cream review promises not only to increase the breast size, but also to restore its shape, and tighten the skin. From my own experience, I was convinced of this!!! After about twenty days of use, I began to notice the result, the shape of the breast became more attractive, it was very nice to see such a picture. The cream moisturizes the skin well, nourished, but at the same time does not oily it. Then you feel pleasant warmth on the skin!!! Very cool feeling. Slightly noticeable. It does not warm, but just feels that the process is going on. Also, I really liked the light citrus flavour. Very nice!! I advise all women who want to increase their breast shape by 1-2 sizes. It works!”

Where to buy Bustural in the Philippines?

You can buy Bustural Cream online on the product’s official site.  It is the fastest and safest way to get the original product for breast enlargement. Hesitating if it is worth to buy Bustural in Philippines? Do not waste a minute! Go to the manufacturer’s website and order this magic cream. It will change your life and make you look at yourself and the world with different eyes.

Bustural cream does not harm the body and acts only on breast tissue. The active components of the preparation are instantly absorbed into the skin and saturate the cells with useful trace elements, vitamins, and minerals. The skin is tightened and becomes elastic, the contour of your chest and neck take on a fantastic appearance.

Bustural Price

bustural priceThe price for Bustural cream depends on the set you choose. The product should be purchased for 1-2 courses of use. You can find out the exact price here. In addition, promotions and discounts are often held on the official website. This way you can save and buy a product at half price – 2 for the price of 1. Сheck price with a discount here.