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Black Latte




No side effects


Natural ingredients







  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Good results
  • Tastes good
  • Affordable


  • Needs to be taken durably
  • Available only at official website
  • You cannot buy it at the pharmacy
  • Pregnant or lactating

In a world where weight loss is a priority for many women, it’s not surprising that new ingredients with slimming properties become popular every single day. This also means that there are also new trendy products created to burn fat, lose weight and reduce measures. And, among these products, Black Latte is one of the newest ones.

Created by Hendel’s Garden, Black Latte has gained popularity in the United States and other countries thanks to its composition based on activated charcoal. This is the “ingredient of the moment” in many countries. Also, there are plenty of products that contain it thanks to its purifying properties.

Now, how effective is Black Latte for weight control? Is it effective, or is it a scam? How good is ingesting activated charcoal products for weight loss? Coming up next, we’re going to learn more about this product, its ingredients, its benefits, and the safest options to buy it on the Internet.

What is activated charcoal? Why is it so popular?

In the last couple of years, activated charcoal has become a trendy ingredient in many products. We can see it in cleaning products, personal hygiene, and now, in oral consumption treatments.

But, what exactly is activated charcoal?

activated charcoal

This element is not the typical charcoal that you can use in barbecues. In fact, it’s a special type of charcoal. This is manufactured by obtaining charcoal from different materials: coconut shells, walnuts, almond barks, palm trees, certain types of wood, tar and polymers, among others. The carbon obtained is “activated” in a thermal or chemical way, creating a very porous product with a high absorption capacity.

In itself, the main property of activated charcoal is its ability to absorb chemicals and toxins in the environment where it is applied. Its most frequent use is in emergency rooms, where it is applied in cases of overdose or poisoning. Likewise, this type of coal is also used for air purification, drinking water treatment, food purification for human consumption, etc.

However, this ingredient is also used in hygiene and personal care products. In fact, it’s now common to see activated charcoal-based treatments for teeth whitening. There are even deodorants and skin care products that contain this ingredient as well.

Now, the newest properties attributed to activated charcoal are related to weight loss. For these reasons, it’s not weird to see new slimming capsules and supplements that contain this ingredient. One of the newest products in this segment is Black Latte, which after being successful in the United States is now entering other countries such as the Philippines.

What is Black Latte?

what is black latteBlack Latte, as the name may suggest, is a black charcoal latte for weight loss. This innovative product integrates the properties of activated charcoal with other ingredients, thus creating a powerful combination. Thanks to it, you can lose weight, burn fat and reduce measures. All safely, without drastically changing your lifestyle and without side effects.

Thanks to its ingredients, Black Latte reshapes the body by turning fat deposits into energy. Besides, it also purifies your body by capturing and eliminating toxins. By doing so, your general health will improve by 100% and even beyond.

Despite the short time that Black Late has been in the Philippines, the popularity of this product is surprising. Beyond the current activated charcoal hype, this coffee has the potential to become the # 1 slimming treatment in the country.

How does Black Latte work?

Black Latte works like this:

  • Activates the body’s ability to transform fat into energy.
  • It captures cholesterol and expels it naturally.
  • Purifies the body, eliminating toxins.
  • Reduces fluid retention.
  • Provides a feeling of fullness and reduces cravings.

With all these actions, Black Latte allows you to reduce measures and reach the ideal weight with just one month of treatment. Besides, it does not produce the so-called “rebound effect” that other products usually cause.

how does Black Latte work

Black Latte ingredients

Do you want to know what ingredients Black Latte contains? Here we present them:

  • Activated charcoal. This is Black Latte’s main ingredient. As said before, activated charcoal is a very popular slimming method today. This is due to its ability to trap toxins, reduce cholesterol levels and activate the transformation of fatty tissues into energy.
  • Coconut extract. Coconut is a highly recommended food in slimming diets. Among its properties, this fruit promotes the use of fats as an energy source. Besides, it produces a feeling of satiety and provides extra energy for the brain and muscles.
  • Instant coffee. Obviously, Black Latte has to contain coffee. For easy preparation, this supplement contains a high quality instant coffee that dissolves very quickly.
  • L-Carnitine and Omega-3. Quite popular in dietary supplements, this amino acid stimulates the absorption of fat and its transformation into energy. Also, it reduces muscle and bone wear that occurs over the years, especially in athletes.

black latte ingredients

As additional ingredients, Black Latte also contains:

  • Chocolate and coconut flavorings.
  • Demineralized serum.
  • Xanthan gum.
  • Maltodextrin.
  • Chromium picolinate.

All these ingredients make Black Latte not only a very complete slimming product but also a drink with an incredible smell and a delicious taste.

How to make Black Latte and drink it?

If you are wondering how to make Black Latte, it really is very easy to use:

  • Add two tablespoons of Black Latte to a cup (250 ml) of hot water.
  • Stir well until the product dissolves completely.
  • Take it once a day. For best results, it is best to take it in the morning before breakfast.
  • The manufacturer of Black Latte recommends taking this product every day for a maximum time of one month. You will be able to notice the first results after the first days.

how to make black latte

Once the treatment is finished, you will have reduced measurements, lost fat, and lost weight. In this way, you’ll be in the physical shape you always wanted without making great sacrifices in your lifestyle.

Black Latte benefits

black latte benefitsAfter taking Black Latte without interruption for a month, you will notice these benefits:

  • Excess fat deposits in your body will have disappeared.
  • Fewer cravings and a more controlled appetite.
  • You will feel a purified, lighter and healthier body.
  • Dopamine levels will be higher, making you feel happier and more satisfied with yourself.

Black Latte side effects

Some people think that slimming coffee has side effects, and this is due to products of doubtful effectiveness that have already left the market. However, that is not the case with Black Latte. According to its manufacturer, this drink does not produce adverse effects or the dreaded “rebound effect” of many slimming products.

Black Latte: Recommendations for use

As with any dietary supplement, Black Latte has some precautions for use that must be followed to the letter:

  • It shouldn’t be used by anyone under 18 years of age.
  • Do not use this product if you’re allergic or sensitive to any of its ingredients, especially coconut.
  • The recommended dose should not be exceeded, nor should it be used for more than a month.
  • Do not use Black Latte if you’re pregnant or lactating.
  • Keep this product in a cool place, protected from direct light and out of the reach of children.

Black Latte recommendations for use

Black Latte reviews

Black Latte has made a huge impact in the world of slimming products. It’s so huge that there are few specialized sites that do not have at least one Black Latte review.

Of course, the impact of this product in the Philippines is already remarkable. Dozens of women in the country have already used it and their experiences are clear evidence of the effectiveness of this slimming coffee. Here are some of their testimonials about Black Latte:

black latte reviews“I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of activated charcoal in recent months. Seeing that there was a slimming product with that ingredient and that it had positive comments, I wanted to try it. Is incredible! After 3 monthes I lost 18 kg and without any alteration in my metabolism. In fact, I feel better than ever!”

Janella, aged 27

black latte testimonials“My work and my housewife duties didn’t leave me time to exercise or follow a very strict diet. And I didn’t feel comfortable with my body. A friend recommended Black Latte to me, and I was shocked after using it. In a month, my figure changed completely, and now I feel motivated to make changes and maintain this body shape. This coffee gave me the boost I needed to change my life. It’s great!”

Jasmine, aged 33

black latte review“Since I was a child I was always a bit chubby, but as an adult this was really affecting me. I decided to change my lifestyle habits and take Black Latte. The change was total! 12 kg and two sizes less in a month. I feel completely different, both inside and out. I never thought I could look this good!”

Aelina, aged 24

Black Latte: Original vs fake

Due to the great popularity of Black Latte, there are many imitations and counterfeits of the product circulating on the Internet and in physical stores. In fact, many people end up buying these knockoffs and having bad experiences, thinking they bought the original Black Latte. Even negative reviews of the product come from those who bought knockoffs.

For this reason, it’s recommended to buy this product from its official website. In fact, there is an official Black Latte website in the Philippines. There, you can purchase this slimming coffee and receive it anywhere in the country.

Where to buy Black Latte in the Philippines?

After getting to know this slimming coffee and its properties, you may be wondering where to buy Black Latte in the Philippines, right?

If so, the best option to make your purchase is through the official website There you will not only be acquiring the 100% original Black Latte and guaranteed by its manufacturer, but you can also enjoy exclusive offers and discounts.

Now, is Black Latte available at Mercury Drug? Can Black Latte be purchased at Watsons? Is it available in pharmacies? For these questions, there’s only one answer: it’s not possible to buy Black Latte in pharmacies or third-party stores. At least not in an official or authorized way.

buy black latte

Black Latte price

According to the price indicated on its official website, Black Latte in the Philippines has an official price of 3,198 Philippine pesos. However, by placing your order on the website you’ll receive an exclusive 50% discount. In this way, you’ll only pay 1,599 Philippine pesos for this product, also receiving the manufacturer’s warranty.

Now, it’s true that there are Black Latte ads on Amazon at very tempting prices between 1,000 and 1,300 Philippine pesos. However, the sale of this product through this page isn’t authorized. Please, avoid scams that will make you lose money and put your health at risk. For your safety, it’s best to purchase this slimming coffee through the official website of the manufacture.

how to buy black latte

Frequently asked questions about Black Latte

Most of the questions about Black Latte have an answer already. However, these are not the only ones. Here are other frequently asked questions about this slimming coffee that many women in the Philippines have asked:

Is Black Latte FDA approved?

The answer is yes. Black Latte is a product approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA).  Also, this slimming coffee is made under the strictest quality controls, and has already received approval from other regulatory bureaus around the world.

is black latte fda approved

Can I drink Black Latte twice a day?

That’s not recommended. Although its taste is great, the Black Latte composition contains very powerful ingredients that must be dosed carefully in the human body. For this reason, we suggest you do not exceed the dose of a daily cup recommended by the manufacturer.

Is Black Latte really effective?

It is. Black Latte is a product that has already been successful in the United States and several European countries. This has made this slimming coffee now reaching the Philippine market. Of course, the ideal is to buy this product only on its official website for the Philippines and not on other sites that do not guarantee its quality.

black latte really effective

Is Black Latte healthy?

It really is. The activated charcoal that this product contains is in the exact measure. In that way, it is safe to take and can offer you all its benefits.  Also, the instant coffee and coconut extract, combined with its delicious coconut and chocolate smells, make Black Coffee a really pleasant drink to have. And few diet drinks on the market can offer that.


It’s true that there’s a lot of activated charcoal hype right now, and that its properties as a slimming agent haven’t been confirmed yet by scientific studies. However, Black Latte has proven to be very effective and safe to use slimming drink. The results that it has left in many women around the world are the best proof.

However, it’s important to point out one important factor. As with any weight loss treatment, Black Latte offers better results combining it with a balanced diet and moderate exercise. It’s true that this product is a great solution for those who don’t have time to exercise or diet. However, the effects of Black Latte can also help you take that step you need to change your entire lifestyle.

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