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  • Easy to set
  • Small size
  • Affordable
  • Does not damage car details


  • Requires technical knowledge
  • Available only at official website
  • Needs to be used durably

A large number of different devices to minimize fuel consumption on various types of vehicles is an urgent need to save oil products. The economic crisis and rising diesel prices have put the issue – to ride or not to ride by personal transport? The answer is predictable – to ride, but save fuel.

The question of how to reduce fuel consumption is essential for many vehicle owners. Regular refuelling significantly affects the budget of the average Filipino. However, fuel economy must be done not only for personal saving but also for the environment. Let’s figure out how to do it!

What Problems People Have with Vehicle and Fuel Consumption?

There are 4 main problems and causes of improper fuel consumption that drivers face:

  1. Aerodynamics;
  2. Weather conditions and road conditions;
  3. Technical problems;
  4. Human factor.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them and try to find a solution. After all, in order to resolve the issue, you need to understand its nature.

aerodyamicsAerodynamics. It is simple! The force of resistance to the flow of incoming air depends on the flow rate and the aerodynamic drag coefficient of the car. Thus, the faster you drive, the more fuel the engine will burn.

What else increases the resistance coefficient? You will be surprised, but: the lowered side windows, roof rack, wind deflectors on the doors, spoilers also affect fuel consumption. Have you ever heard of the aerodynamic body kit? Many people mistakenly believe that these details are added only for the “fashion look.” But in fact, they serve to change the aerodynamics of the car, the redistribution of the aerodynamic forces, which correctly “press” the vehicle to the road at high speed. Such parts are meticulously calculated, blown-in wind tunnels, and are high-priced.

road conditionsWeather conditions and road conditions. If the air temperature drops, the engine warms up longer. If the engine heats up longer, then it runs longer in warm-up mode. In the heating mode, more fuel is supplied to the combustion chambers than to the heated engine. Thus, in the cold season, fuel consumption always increases.

As for the road surface, everything that increases the rolling friction of the wheels will increase fuel consumption. Therefore, in rain and snow, or on a dirt road, fuel consumption will be higher than on clean asphalt.

technical problemsTechnical problems. There are several obvious prerequisites for increased fuel consumption. For example, the installation of low-profile tires with a wide tread. And the wider the tread, the higher the rolling friction of the wheel. Thus, a winter tire will always spend more fuel than a summer one.

Old spark plugs increase fuel consumption by 5% and a dirty air filter by 10%. Faulty engine management system, broken car brakes, and even extra 5-10 kg in your car increase fuel consumption.

human factor in drivingHuman factor. An individual driving style, driving routes, and length of trips, also significantly affect the consumption of fuel by a vehicle.

Hard acceleration or braking contributes to the rapid expiration of money. Moreover, such a driving style can be dangerous.
If you regularly travel along the route “home – school – work – supermarket – home” and the mileage between each start and each engine shutdown does not exceed 5-7 kilometres, you also have to pay extra fuel for comfort.
If traffic jams, heaps of intersections and traffic lights are on your routes, you will automatically spend more diesel.

How to cope with these problems?

  • To improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle, you should visit the automobile salon. Do this only if you are willing to pay well for such a service. Otherwise, try not to drive with the open windows and remove the roof rack.
  • Unfortunately, you are not able to influence weather conditions or improve the state of roads in your city or country. However, you are lucky if you live in a warm climate (without winter).
  • Solve all the technical problems of your auto. Of course, this will require some costs, but you will save more on fuel.
  • Learn and change your driving style. Thus, you can reduce up to 10% of gas or diesel consumption. It’s not that difficult, but it will take time to develop new driving habits.
  • Start using the MagnuFuel device. This technology will help you to save up to 20% of fuel without any efforts.

What is MagnuFuel?

magnufuel saver
MagnuFuel is the device for saving vehicle fuel. It is an indispensable tool for every driver who is trying to reduce diesel costs. The MagnuFuel Philippines is a genuine innovation in the automotive industry. It will allow you to save for real!

This device was created and patented in the United Kingdom. After receiving official international certification, it is available for sale in almost all countries of the world. The most important thing – MagnuFuel device is suitable for vehicles of any kind and size.

How to install MagnuFuel?

Before installation, you should choose the right hose, since the magnet assumes installation exclusively on the fuel supply hose. In this case, the MagnuFuel device must be positioned as close as possible to the carburetor (injection system), which will ensure the highest efficiency of its work.

The general installation diagram:

  1. Open the hood, find the fuel hose;
  2. Determine where the magnetic device will be attached;
  3. Install the device so that the hose is between its two parts;
  4. Fasten the fixing strap by threading it into the holes on the case and cut off the excess piece.

If your vehicle is equipped with a computer system for determining the fuel-air mixture, then you must also reset the settings by removing the negative battery terminal.

How does it work?

magnufuel how it worksUnder the influence of temperature and humidity, fuel (gasoline, diesel, gas) is continually extends and compresses. At the same time, the hydrocarbon molecules that make up their base are attracted and form groups. Such “molecular clots” burn out in the engine only partly, because inside they remain unattainable for oxygen.
When fuel passes through a magnetic MagnuFuel device, these “clots” break, which allows the molecules to charge positively, mix with oxygen, and burn better. Due to this, fuel consumption is reduced significantly.

MagnuFuel test instruction

The test objective is to compare fuel consumption when driving without a device and after installing it. However, for the first time, carbon-slag deposits will be actively removed. Therefore, the maximum efficiency of the magnets will appear only after 1000 km of run.

  • Accurately determine fuel consumption over a distance of 200 km;
  • install magnets on the fuel system of the car;
  • drive with them about 1000 km;
  • determine fuel consumption on the same 200 km segment, following the same driving style and mode (on the same road, with similar air temperature and road surface condition) as before installing the magnets;
  • compare the results.

Quality and Safeness

MagnuFuel does it work? For some reason, some motorists question the effectiveness of this device. To believe that a magnetic activator is efficient is mean to believe that gas particles react to a magnet. Of course, the average person will question this, but even a student who actually knows physics and chemistry understands how it works.

Each car owner is free to choose whether to believe in scientific developments or not. However, no one can argue with MagnuFuel gas results after the first 2-3 months of use. In case you still in doubt, you should look at MagnuFuel reviews on the Internet. Satisfied vehicle owners can no longer imagine their life without this technology.

magnufuel advantages

MagnuFuel Advantages

  • Sets in five minutes;
  • Prolongs autocatalysts life;
  • Reduces smoke and motor noise;
  • Decreases engine oil consumption on 5%;
  • Reduces fuel consumption up to 20-25%;
  • Increases the power and efficiency of an internal combustion engine (on 6-7%);
  • Reduces harmful emissions;
  • Protects the generator from low-quality fuel;
  • Has a quick payback (1-2 months).


Where to buy MagnuFuel? If you want to start caring about your vehicle and environment, you should visit the official website. The manufacturer promises fast delivery within 2-3 days, depending on your location. Get MagnuFuel for sale already today, and start to save up to 20% fuel consumption. Placing an order through an official manufacturer, you are guaranteed to receive a great deal. Moreover, only this way, you can get a 100% certified product. Take care of your budget, about your auto, and of course, about the ecology!